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In addition, most Indian companies have ISO-9000, which shows they are not just technologically equipped but experts in the IT-BPM sector. BPOs in the country fully understand the client’s needs and can cater services according to their requirements and budget. To make the IT-BPM even more adjusted, the government set up a Ministry of Information Technology.

It approves, reviews, and implements all IT-related projects and activities in the country. This resulted in the influx of investments and support from local and international businesses, especially the IT sector. Language is important to any work since miscommunication is costly, especially in outsourcing. The lack of understanding will result in errors and concerns, which can delay the delivery of work or hamper output quality. The Indian time zone has become a huge factor in all of its business deals with multinationals.

  • For instance, your outsourced team may not have the same working days or holidays as your country.
  • What they don’t realize is there’s an entire teams of engineers whose job is to use your psychology against you.
  • India offers reasonable labor rates and is a viable outsourcing alternative.
  • Many believe that Telstra has shown a lack of support for local workers and the local industry.
  • It’s easy to find a company full of software developers that will do an excellent job.
  • Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing software development to India, let’s look into its challenges.

However, underdeveloped infrastructure limits their availability. Some foreign companies have to invest in infrastructure to get an operating business in India. Although some Indian BPOs can provide this service, they cannot cater to the market’s demand. The considerable workforce did not help outsourcing companies in India during quarantine.

Web developers make about $3,980 a year, while customer service representatives (CSRs) make about $3,091 on average. India offers reasonable labor rates and is a viable outsourcing alternative. Because these two countries offer outsourced services that can cater to businesses of all kinds. Having an AMS provider is essential to the function and success of any business that relies on applications as part of its everyday operations.

Book keeping & Accounting services

By outsourcing this service, organizations save on training and hiring people. The AMS provider brings to the table a proven set of expertise and skills to assist the company’s applications working optimally. India is one of the few countries in the world that have massive technology infrastructure for serving overseas industries.

In this article, we’ll explain the five benefits and two challenges of software outsourcing to India. We’ll also cover six software services that you can outsource to the country. This around-the-clock workflow can dramatically reduce project turnaround times and enhance productivity. Additionally, it provides a competitive edge, as American companies can accelerate their project timelines and potentially bring products and services to market faster. Many wonder if Indian companies can align with their preferred time zones. Indian firms are known for their adaptability, often adjusting their work hours to sync with the time zones of their international clients.

They have strong balance sheet knowledge including assets, liabilities, income statement, cash flow statement and common financial ratios. A lot of businesses shy away from outsourcing customer service to India. They prefer to go with the Philippines or Latin countries because the accents are easier to understand. However, you can find a number of Indians who actually have very clean English – you just have to be willing to pay more than a few dollars per hour! In addition, accents have nothing to do with grammar, so if you need some non-voice talent, there’s nothing stopping you from outsourcing to India. Let’s say you wanted to try outsourcing SEO to India because of the cost savings.

If you have the proper milestones set up, you should have zero problems hiring someone else to pick up where they left off. BBC Global is an Indian call center that also provides a wide range of outsourcing services. At Datascribe, they provide world-class LPO services by improving efficiency, minimizing business and legal risks, and staying ahead of the competition at low legal costs. With more than a decade of experience, the company is helping businesses around the world to grow. Bluechip Call Center provides inbound and outbound services, back-office services, IT services, email services, and chat support services. The company mainly focuses on delivering cogent customer experiences that are optimized across all digital channels in order to increase the lifetime value of each individual customer relationship.

LiveHelp India

At Kody Technolab, we have mastered bridging the gap between your in-house and offshore teams, making them work together seamlessly without any boundaries. We hold our remote developers in high regard, considering them as integral parts of our team, cultivating an aura of collaboration and achievement by acknowledging their accomplishments. When you dip your toes into outsourcing to India, you’ll find a whole new world of innovation and creativity flowing into your projects.

Latin American countries Colombia, Brazil and Mexico are also emerging IT outsourcing centres, although the developers mostly speak Portuguese and Spanish. Latin America mostly offers a bunch of generic skills which features on the mid- to low-end of the expertise spectrum, Vohra says. Outsource Accelerator is the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) marketplace globally.

Why is India such a hot spot for US clients looking to outsource?

For over two decades, India has been a preferred outsourcing destination by many western countries. And it’s not just for customer support and BPO as they show in mainstream media. Hyper automation is the strategic confluence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation, and other latest technologies. It helps companies accelerate their digital transformation journey. Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing software development to India, let’s look into its challenges. India ranks 1st (out of 60 countries) on the 2021 Kearney Global Services Location Index with an overall score of 7.09.

With the huge demand for cost reduction and higher profitability, outsourcing has become prominent and relevant to businesses. One concern for companies outsourcing for the first time is that they’ll have trouble connecting with their wave bookkeeping services outsourced team. So Indian accounting consultants will be able to communicate clearly and understand your business processes without any issues. The Philippine government’s support is also overwhelming for the outsourcing industry.

Outsource to India: 5 reasons India is a global outsourcing hub

Multinational companies find it easy to bring fresh insights, ideas, and challenging development models. They have mastered the ins and outs of the industry, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner. Owing to its sheer population, India has one of the largest workforces, second to China. With most of its graduates and professionals focused in IT and scientific fields, the Indian workforce is well-positioned to cater to the needs of the IT-BPO industry. India, the second largest country in terms of population with 1.4 billion inhabitants, is emerging as the most marketable country in terms of quality and affordable workforce.

Concretio Apps

One of the main outsourcing trends in 2022 would revolve around the changing outsourcing relation. IT outsourcing companies would be seen in full-cycle product development from ideation to development and marketing. They are strategic business partners and their role would become more prominent in the coming years. In the coming year, IT outsourcing service providers would become strategic partners sharing risks aiming at long term relations for better outcomes. When outsourcing software development, more quality standards are maintained than during in-house development. And when you are outsourcing to India, there are many quality assurances that need to be met before delivery.

Issues with outsourcing work mostly arise when there is a lack of understanding due to a language barrier. While that’s a given for any developing country, it isn’t the only reason why companies prefer offshoring to India. However, the right company will also give you the keys to unlock these challenges. India’s engineers might find it hard to find jobs even beyond the IT sector as startups too have been laying off employees in recent months due to a funding squeeze.



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